• Junior Adams, one of the original “junk men” in the upstate, started Adams Auto Parts in the late 1950’s. Everyone always knew they could come see Junior to get whatever they needed.

  • He was open 7 days a week from 7am – 10pm. In 1984, Junior bought Noah Smith’s junkyard and Adams relocated to our current location.

  • Noah Smith was also one of the original “junk men” in the Greenville area. He started Noah Smith’s in the late 1940’s after he returned home from serving in WW2. He was one of the best at managing his inventory the “old school” way. He didn’t need a computer or any kind of system like we have today. He knew exactly what he had, and where to locate it. People still come in and ask about him everyday.

  • Noah's wife, Louise Smith, was one of the first female NASCAR drivers.

  • During the move to Noah Smith’s, Adams Auto Parts needed an office. We purchased the Bi-Lo building which was the first Bi-Lo in South Carolina.

  • The original Bi-Lo bull still stands strong on our building today. Known as “El Toro’’, he is a local landmark and our mascot at Adams Auto Parts.

  • Rodney Adams has been the co-owner of Adams Auto Parts since he was 14 years old. He officially took over the business in 1996 from his father, Junior Adams. With hard work and determination, Rodney worked seven days a week to build Adams Auto Parts into one of the number one auto parts facilities in the upstate of South Carolina. In 2007, he branched out to create Adams Scrap Recycling. With Rodney’s strong work ethic, Adams Scrap Recycling has also grown into a successful and thriving business.

  • John Mahon started working at Adams Auto Parts
    when he was 17 years old and he has
    always been known simply as “Big Johnny.”
    He started out as a parts puller and worked
    his way through the ranks, filling every
    position needed. Without his hard work and dedication,
    Adams would not be what it is today. Big Johnny
    has been the face of Adams for the past
    20 years. He is currently our lead office manager.

  • In 2009, we began the restructuring and modernization of Adams Auto Parts.

  • We are now a full-service, fully inventoried, parts dismantling facility.

  • Enjoy some more photos from the past.